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ROCSON HEALTH TECH LTD is a superior supplier of Commercial Cardio & Strength Equipment, MMA and Boxing Items, Fitness Accessories. Durig these decades, our products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions. The products are of military quality and reasonable price. The ROCSON brand has won the trust and praise of customers all over the world. Our manufacturing plants based in Jiangsu and Shandong province, and sales branches in Beijing, Hebei and HK. We are offering all kinds of commercial fitness equipment for gym clubs, hotels, schools and other facilities. We own 6 patents (5 inventions and 1 application) and more than 300 products. We also help world famous brands with OEM/ODM services. You can drop One-stop Purchasing here at ROCSON, you don’t need to worry about anything, we will help you with them all. We are helping people worldwide to live a healthy, technological and happy life that they all wish. This is not only our job, but our happiness and responsibility.



From the selection of raw material and parts, the processing of the raw material, derusting, powder coating to assembling and packaging, we care for every link to make a good equipment. A perfect combination of superior quality products and amazing services, is the main reason why tens of thousands of gym centers, companies and a lot of fitness lovers are choosing ROCSON as a solid partner. All of our products are of International Quality and Safety Standard certifications approved, such as CE, RoHS, SGS, etc. Meanwhile, our products as well as packaging are both prepared according to the foreign custom import regulations.



What matters most? DETAILS.
Our products are stable and easy to use, which enables the smooth and accuracy of the workouts, makes the users to feel comfortable and safe. We pay much attention to the innovation and appearance, which ensures a much better look of your facility, attract more gym members. We also pay attention to many details to ensure safety. We pay attention to the packaging, in which way customers can assemble the equipment easily. What is more? Load maximum to save the shipping cost and a great deal.
Details make perfect, users benefit.



We are not only offering all kinds of fitness equipment, but superior services in fitness industry. Customers can get help as much as they can from Pre-sales to After-sales, along with the whole process. Customers can get all the fitness products from us (One-stop Purchasing). Customers can also get some consultants, such as recommendations, 2D/3D layouts, etc. You don’t need to worry about shipping or import process at all, even if you were a new comer. Our professionalism helps you with all easily.
We have professional teams of order operations and after-sales service. Customers can get the in time feedback and solutions. All the products information and problems data will be recorded into a database for our future development.


ROCSON, Fitness Made Easy!