Good Quality MMA Floor Boxing Ring & Professional Stage Elevated Type Boxing Ring

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Model: BR44

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· Steel Frame- (40mm*60mm*2.5mm) Steel Frame with super quality powder coating surface treatment;
· 4 Corner Poles- 2.5m height, 4mm thickness, 16cm diameter;
· Each Side 4 Ropes- The steel inside is of 8mm diameter, with thick foam cover outside;
· Wood Plate- High strength multi-layer silencer wood plates, 2.5cm±5% thickness, with buffer foam mat 3CM±5% thickness;
· Floor Canvas- washable non-slip leather, easy to clean, 1000D±5% thickness;
· Backrest Foam & Leather- Backrest foam density 45±5%, custom-made thickened high peel strength leather
· Stair and rotate chair included;
· Customized logo and colors are available;

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