Rack Combination E6205

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Model:  E6205

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The tower is finished with extremely strong stainless steel screws. Fastening elements for the floor are included.
A resonable hole spacing distance on the outside of each stand round off the standard applications. All core elements of the rigs are equipped with 80x80mm profile steel stands.
“Tower” – covers all areas of a modern three-dimensional workout. 4 squat / bench stations, 10 pull-up stations, 2 box units, dip stands, boxjump platforms and ropes or snares can be integrated into the tower. The side pull up station has a height of 3.49 meters and is particularly suitable for cross exercises like muscle ups, butterfly pull ups and toes to bars or other exercises which need more free space in the movement. 6 wall ball units complete the tower in the exercises. 12 shelves for weight plates and 2 kettlebell stands allow a very good basic configuration at the tower.
With its unique design, the tower offers everything needed for functional crosstraining, olympic weightlifting and modern strength training. With this tower you can cover the functional Movements, slingtraining, crosstraining also all basic exercises – deadlifts – back-frontsquat – benchpress.
The tower is the optimal all-rounder and allows all training possibilities in a good functional area.

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